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Pride & Prejudice

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Performance Dates: October 13-15th, 2022 @ 7:00 pm RHHS PAC

Jane Austen’s beloved classic novel is brought to fresh, fun new life in Kate Hamill’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. There is little hope for the four Bennet sisters beyond “ensnaring” a wealthy future husband, but Lizzy dreams of more than the schemes and games of courtship. A young woman with a bright mind and free spirit, she is determined to avoid the trappings of a loveless marriage while laughing at the foolish antics of others. When she meets the solemn Mr. Darcy, she immediately judges him to be all that she detests: proud, arrogant, rude and so without civility that she can hardly endure his presence. Lizzy comes to discover, however, that first impressions may not be all that they seem and that she must learn the true characters’ of others before jumping to harsh conclusions. Is there any way to grow past one’s prejudices? Even then, how can two partners ever be sure of their future happiness together?

Cast and Crew

Lizzy: Harper Hammond-Wilonsky

Jane: Annaleese Forscutt

Lydia: Ainslee Jones 

Mary: Felicity Bennett

Mrs. Bennet: Kyi Les Pierre

Mr. Bennet: Cole Sansom

Darcy: Quinn McNames

Mr. Bingley: Luke Hernandez

Miss Bingley: Morgan James

Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Bridget Ndogo

Miss de Bourgh: Micayla Gildon

Wickham: Eason Pennington

Charlotte: Elise King

Collins: Elisha Gildon

Servant 1: Luke Hargis

Servant 2: Thomas Hinkle

Servant 3: Hugh Hogan-Crantz


Kaitlyn Busch, Bean Duncan, Luke Evans, Sean Granger, Luke Hargis, Thomas Hinkle,

Hugh Hogan-Crantz, Preston Jones, Colin Shasteen, Elle Kanutte, Adri Laird,Stella McNames, Elle Tanzillo, Montana Wheeler


Student Director/Choreographer: Elisabeth Rainey

Stage Manager: Avery Beaudette, Caroline Hipp

Assistant Stage Manager: Abbey Bailey, Meg Perry

Light Board Operator: Jessica Taylor

Sound Designer: Cooper P. Brandy

Sound Board Operator: Carter Eisenbise

Projections Operator: Marty Brown

Scenic Crew Lead: Carter Eisenbise

Scenic Crew: Bee Clark, Ozzy Ehlert, Siena Gonzalez, Jackson Hansen, Case Hubbard, Taryn Megenhart, Naylah Maxwell, Kylie Rice, Owen Rodine, Levi Wickerson

Prop Crew Lead: Tyler Brazier

Prop Crew: Karissa Champa, Asher Freeman-Weber, Avery Koziol, Patricia Marroquin,

Cade Murdick, Emily Tate

Costume Crew Lead: Charlie Dewey

Costume Stitchers: Betty Backs, Marty Brown, Aaron Davis, Linda Opwora,

Maddie Orgeron

Costume Dressers: Michelle Avalos, Camden Call, Catherine Clontz, Mary Hannan,

Karsyn Mills, Maggie Rasmussen

Makeup Crew Lead: Abigail Harrison

Makeup Crew: Dani De Vos, Melina Nava, Aubrey Robles, Briana Rosales, Michelle Valdez

House Crew Lead: Emily Ford

House Crew:  Audrey Bailey, Alexandra Beaber, CiCi Brown, Caleigh Cain, Jeremy Doll, Emily Jennings, Lillian Pease, Sasha Purifoy, Addison Rives, Emma Vohden

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