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Theatre Courses

A guide to each of the various courses we teach, their syllabi, and a synopsis of the class.


Theatre Arts I
An introductory course to theatrical skills and performance with emphasis on pantomime, stage movement, acting, and theatre heritage. Theatre Arts I students will study the cultural contribution of theatre, its structure, the play, and its performance. Theatre Arts I students will be required to attend one theatrical production and complete a written review.

Theatre Arts II-IV
This course is offered to students who want to further their theatrical skills through work in acting, directing, and theatre heritage. Basic principles of production are studied and applied through performances in various theatrical applications. Enrollment in the course constitutes an agreement to fulfill all curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular requirements. 

Technical Theatre II-IV
An advanced class in technical theatre. Students will be expected to participate in a technical role for every production in the year (run crew, usher, construction, etc). Students in the advanced levels of technical theatre will compete in the UIL OAP Design Competition. Some outside of class work and supplies may be required at your discretion. 

Design for Theatre Students
Class to examine the application of technologies used in live productions. The course emphasizes one or more of the following design areas: sound, lighting, stagecraft, advanced rigging, costuming, makeup, and stage management. To apply concepts taught, after school involvement in productions and other after-school events is encouraged. 

Syllabi & Course Expectations

Syllabi For Theatre I, Center Stage & Encore Theatre

Course Expectations:

Syllabi & Cours Expectation
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